What is BOG?

Most states such as New York and Florida require a durational residency requirement (usually at least 12 months). Arkansas requires 6 months. Tennessee is the only state that has no durational requirement. However, some states require two years, such as California and Arizona. For new immigrants in California, you normally need to reside at least two years to qualify for the in-state tuition. Some new residents can apply for some financial aids like BOG Waiver (Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver) (Now it’s called California College Promise Grant) or FSFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) if they can’t afford the tuition, which is normally called out of state tuition.

So does New York have BOG fee waiver like California? The answer is No.

If you are qualified, go to the school’s Register office and present them the utility bills, telephone bills or the contract for your renting house or car registration etc to be eligiable as a lgeal residency of the state for at least one year. If you are working, you may show them the tax return report like 1040 form or your annual end salary report W2 form.

What Is BOG (Board of Governors) Fee?

The BOG fee waiver is a financial grant given by the government to qualified students in California to help them with the payment of their tuition. This waives their fees for enrollment for the whole school year and some parts of their permits for parking during the semesters of spring and fall. The BOG fee does not include Bus passes, Student rep fee, class material fees, Student activity card, health services fee and other fees that are optional. It is also not responsible for other BOG fee waiver taxable costs. It is the student’s responsibility and initiative to make sure that he or she is able to comply and pay for all the fees needed in the school. The Board of Governors (BOG) fee waiver is a California Community Colleges financial aid program for California residents that waives the enrollment fees for students. Per-unit enrollment fee is set by the California state legislature for all community colleges and is subject to change. The current fee is $20 per unit for identified California resident students.

BOG Fee Waiver Deadline

Each school in California has their own way of handling the BOG fee waiver process. Though the deadline usually falls before the semester starts, try and check with the school you are going to enroll in just to be sure.

How to qualify BOG? To qualify for the BOG fee waiver program, your family income needs to fall within the following range. In your case, if your family member is just you and your husband, your 2012 income should be below $20,535 to qualify for the 2008-2009 BOG fee waiver program.

Board of Governors Fee Waiver Program (BOGFW-B)
2012-2013 Income Standards

Family Size 2012 Income
1 $15,315
2 $20,535
3 $25,755
4 $30,975

BOG Fee Waiver Eligibility/Requirements/Qualifications

Not everyone can apply for the BOG Fee Waiver. You have to be:

  •  A resident of California
  • Enrolled in a college for at least one unit
  • Fall on any of these criteria:
    • A student dependent on need-based aids like TANF, SSI, General Assistance payments, or CalWORKS from the year 2011 or 2012
    • Has a Registered Domestic Partner (RDP) or parent that receives financial assistance
    • Has a certification of eligibility from the National Guard Adjutant General or the California Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Is a recipient or a child of a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor
    • Is a victim or dependent of a victim of the terrorist attack back in September 11, 2001
    • Is a dependent of a dead fireman or policeman that passed away in the line of public duty
    • Has a low family income considering the size of the household. The income for the 2013-2014 application will be based on the applicant’s family income on the year 2012. (You can see the full details in the BOG Fee Waiver Guidelines 2013)
      • Family size of 1 = Family income of $16,755
      • Family size of 2 = Family income of $22,695
      • Family size of 3 = Family income of $28,635
      • Family size of 4 = Family income of $34,575
  • Has a successful application of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The BOG fee waiver will be given to anybody whose financial need is greater than or equal to $1,104

There are many things that the government of the State of California offers to their citizens especially in the field of education. The BOG (Board of Governors) fee is one of them. Those in California going to community college may apply for a BOG Waiver or the Board of Governors Fee Waiver. This will waive the $46 dollar per unit enrollment fee they pay. There’s certain criteria that the student must meet.

If you are eligible for the BOG fee waiver, it is best if you act quickly and submit all the needed requirements. College costs a fortune and even a little help with your finances is really going to do a lot in your recent circumstances and even the future.