Are There Any Deadlines for BOG Fee Waiver?

Are There Any Deadlines for BOG Fee Waiver?

Since enrollment fees are so high, not all of those who want to go to school can afford to pay. This reason gave way to the establishment of various financial assistances. Aside from the financial assistance that helps students pay up their college fees, there is a unique form of it, which is the so-called Board of Governors Waiver. BOG fee waiver is applicable in California and is available only to the California residents.

What BOG Fee Waiver is all About

Unlike other assistance funds, this one cannot be placed in your hands. BOG fee waiver eliminates the full amount a student has to pay for the whole semester of the year he applied, in which, the transaction happens between the California State and the school. Once you will be granted, you do not need to worry anymore about your tuition fee for the whole school year. It is the state of California who waives this, so most likely, all colleges and universities participate in it. If you consider applying for it, you must know that there is a BOG waiver deadline. It is only valid for one school year. Using it for the next ones would not be possible. It expires its power to waive once it is used for one semester already, be it for summer, spring, or fall. This also does not cover up the allowances for supplies and books. If you want further assistance for books and supplies, you are free to apply to other assistance-giving organizations separately.

Who can avail BOG fee waiver?

The people who cannot afford college education are those who came from low-income earning families. This is why the program is made exclusively for them. Only those who have reached the BOG waiver income limit can avail of the assistance. The whole enrollment fees, including parking fees in excess of $30 can also be waived. Some schools may also depend the granting with the units or amount you are entitled to pay for a school year. Some limits to cover only $46, while some may also cover higher or lesser than that. You just need to qualify with the following BOG waiver qualifications.

  • Be a bonafide resident of California
  • Proof of being dependent either for general or cash assistance; or
  • Complete FAFSA with current financial need; or
  • Received the congressional medal of honor recipient

Methods of Qualification

Type A – your family receives assistance funds such as AFDC/ FSFSA/ CALWORKS/ TANF/ SSI.

Type B – your family’s income should be found in the bracket of eligible earners.

Type C – you must have completed and submitted the FAFSA or CDAA. You must be able to provide proof for this claim.

How to Apply

You can apply for BOG fee waiver online, directly through the website of the school you want to enroll in. Just follow their instructions well for successful application. The reason why an application for FAFSA is mandatory is to increase your chances of receiving other financial aids in case you are most qualified to be a recipient of the BOG fee waiver.

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