What are the Deadlines for FAFSA?

What are the Deadlines for FAFSA?

 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is currently the most popular form signed by students in the United States if they are looking for financial aid grants of different types. Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply. FAFSA is not only good for a single program. It is a gateway to receive at least one of the financial aid programs given in the United States and that includes:

  1. Federal Student Aid Programs (9)
  2. State Aid Programs (605)
  3. Institutional Aids

 The application for FAFSA starts every first day of the year. You are encouraged to file as early as possible since some states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Vermont offer grants on a first come first serve basis.

FAFSA Deadlines

The ones who set FAFSA deadlines are the federal and state agencies together with the school financial aid offices. They vary depending on individual rulings. Some schools might set a deadline by the month of January itself, while some take longer. But in general, filing for FAFSA for a certain year has a deadline.

FAFSA application ends by midnight of June 30 CST. It is the deadline to file FAFSA for the current year. If you are applying for financial assistance for school year 2014 to 2015, the FAFSA filing deadline is by June 30, 2015, though it starts January 1, 2014. This means that the application is valid for 18 months. The same is applied for graduate school FAFSA deadline.

If you want to avail priority filing, you must know that the FAFSA priority filing deadlines are set on March 1. Filing before that time can increase your chances to be given the maximum amount of aid you are eligible to receive.

Filing after the Deadline

The deadlines stated do not mean that your application will no longer be accepted. It will still be accepted; however, there comes so many risks. Since it is commonly a first come, first serve, your chance of being granted with financial aids will be lessened. If you are truly serious upon getting a financial aid for your college education, better be early. Filing FAFSA after deadline presumes you are not being very serious or interested about it at all. There are only a few spots available so do not waste your chance to file earlier as soon as you can.

FAFSA helps not just you, but also your family in giving you quality education from prestigious schools. So if ever you came from a low-income earning family, do not lose hope and chances upon the possibility to study in your dream school in college even if it is expensive. FAFSA is here to realize that dream. Just do everything you can to avail one of the FAFSA financial aids and that includes noting when the deadline to file FAFSA is. Forgetting it for a moment might lead to you filing it late. If you want to help your family, file FAFSA earlier and enjoy the aid that might be given to you. Do your best in school and be thankful to the state, which gave you the opportunity to study for free or for a lesser fee.

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