Apply BOG Fee Waiver Now

BOG Fee Waiver is now Called California College Promise Grant. For students who live in California, this is a great opportunity for you if you want to get a fee for the registration fee. In this case, the California Community Colleges Promise Grant does not charge student registration fees as much as $ 46 per unit. You can apply for the California Collect Promise Grant now if you want to get a fee waiver. Most of the colleges accept students that apply for the California College Promise Grand including Allan Hancock College, Citrus College, American River colleges, and much more. Speaking of California College Promise Grant which was known as a BOG fee waiver, there may be some questions that you want to know.

Who Qualifies for the BOG Waiver?

For students who want to get a BOG waiver, it is important to understand the qualification. If you want to qualify for this program, you must be a California student or eligible AB 540 student. There are some requirements that you must meet based on three methods, they are method A, method B, and method C.

For method A, you should complete the documents required and pay attention to these requirements:

  • You must be receiving temporary assistance to needy families CalWorks, TANF, and AFDC or,
  • You must be receiving supplemental security income or,
  • You must be receiving public assistance from the aid to families with dependent kids or,
  • You should hold a certificate from the Veterans Affairs California Department. For a dependent fee waiter, you should have certificate from NGAG or,
  • You should belong and get the CMH or the dependent of it or,
  • You must be a dependent of the terrorist attack victim in September 11

For method B, supporting documentation is not needed, but it should be based on the total family income. For 1 member in the household, the 2018 tax year (sum 2020-SPR 2021) should be $18735. For 2 members, it should be $25.365. For 3 members, it must be $31.995, and so on.

For method C, you should file CDA Application Summer 19 Spring 20 or 20 Spring 21 As well as  FAFSA application from 2019 to 2021.

BOG Fee Waiver Qualifications

Education is such an important part of life. For those who get it without any reservations, it does not usually mean a lot. However, it is the underprivileged section of the societies, who truly understand the dire need of education. People in colleges come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and races. Moreover, what unite them together in the temple of education is only and only the power of knowledge. However, to run any institution, money is necessary, and so willingly or unwillingly every student opting for any courses, from any university, across the world, needs to pay for his courses and degrees. So how do good students, coming from a humble beginning, complete their education?

It all starts from the primary schooling, where the government provides fee waivers for the bright but underprivileged students of the society. Moving on to colleges, the concept of facilitating bright students with fees waivers and book continues to be a part of any government’s ultimate agendas. The governors of California have started one such brilliant initiative, collectively. Together they call themselves BOG, where the abbreviation “BOG “stands for boards of governors. BOG is a California based board, which provides special enrollment fee waivers to the bright and intelligent students belonging exclusively to California.

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BOG Waiver Income Limit

Education comes for a heavy price, not just physically but also literally. It takes many efforts, by the parents, to make their kid complete his education. Only prolonged hours of hard work, years of savings and annual compensations can help a child in realising his potential and true talents. However, the story is not as bright always. Few underprivileged sections of the society do not get enough money or cannot collect enough resources to let their kids be enrolled in higher colleges. It becomes a very complicated situation for the parents as well as the government of the states. This impasse can be broke down only through the government’s intervention, because a government is chosen by its people for the single basic reason of helping them.

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How do I Get a BOG Waiver?

California College Promise Grant or CCPG is a program created by the California government. If you are eligible for the BOG program, then you can apply for it. Just because you get a BOG waiver, it does not mean that you are not responsible for the student union fee. You still have to pay for it. The Bog application is also only valid for one semester and then you need to renew it annually. How to get a bog waiver?

You can apply for the Bog waiver online. You can visit CCCAPPLY. ORG to start with it. On the dashboard, you can select “money”. Then, you can click “Apply for Financial Aid” and read the information provided. Next, you can choose the right academic year for which you are going to apply for. After that, you can fill out the application and submit it.

How Long Does the BOG Waiver Last?

BOG Waiver is a California state program to waive the enrollment fee. In this case, students need to apply for the program in the early semester. Once you apply for the program and you are also eligible for it, then you can get the financial aid for one semester. However, it is only a fee waiver for the enrollment fee. It means that you still need to pay for supplies, the cost of books, and other expenses by yourself.

How Long Does It Take for the BOG Fee Waiver to Process?

The BOG fee waiver is a good program to have the students’ community college tuition waived. So, it is not as complicated as FAFSA. As it is mentioned above, FAFSA needs 6 weeks to process, but BOGW will be processed as soon as possible. It can be one or two weeks to finish the process. Still, you must be patient and wait for it because the BOGW staff is still checking your documentations.

Is the BOG Fee waiver included in FAFSA?

Well, basically BOG fee waiver is not included in FAFSA because FAFSA and BOGW are quite different. You need to understand several things about FAFSA and BOGW such as:

  • BOGW is funded by the state of California while FAFSA is funded by the US Federal.
  • You can apply for FAFSA at private university, UC, CSU, and CC while BOGW is only available at the California community college.
  • FAFSA aid availability for loans, grants, and work-study while BOGW will only waive the community college tuition.
  • FAFSA processing time is about 4 up to 6 weeks while BOGW will be available as soon as possible.
  • FAFSA comes with complicated dependency status such as over 24 years, must have a child, married, veteran, and much more while BOGW is simpler as long as you are not living with your parents.

Apply for FAFSA

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a program of the United States Department of Education that facilitates the processing, awarding, and monitoring of FAFSA grants, FAFSA student loans, and FAFSA financial aid in general.

Why should you apply for FAFSA?

FAFSA financial aid has a budget of about $150 billion every year for students all over the state. If you are someone who wants to attend college or a career school, but do not have adequate funding, FAFSA gives you a shot at getting the education that you want.

Who can apply for FAFSA?
FAFSA gets around 22 million applications every year for over $6,200 colleges and career school in the different states. The qualifications for FAFSA slightly vary per college and state, but the basic federal qualifications are the same:

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How will you know that you get the BOGW?

Well, it seems that you need to wait for a few weeks up to four weeks until you get notification whether you get the BOGW or not. Suppose you belong to the progress course completion probation o Academic (GPA), you will be notified on your second term of probation that results in fee waiver eligibility loss.

Finally, those are a few questions that you want to know the answers about BOGW or now California College Promise Grant. This program allows students of the University in California to get their enrollment fee to be waived. Even though it is just waived the community college tuition, it is still helpful for students. However, it does not mean that the program will waive all of the fees. In fact, you still need to pay for other expenses. If you want to get your enrollment fee to be waived, you must apply for the BOGW now. You can apply for the program online and submit your application immediately.