Board of Governors Fee Waiver

There are many things that the government of the State of California offers to their citizens especially in the field of education. The BOG (Board of Governors) fee is one of them. Those in California going to community college may apply for a BOG Waiver or the Board of Governors Fee Waiver. This will waive the $46 dollar per unit enrollment fee they pay. There’s certain criteria that the student must meet.


  • Recipient of General Assistance, SSI/SSP, or TANF/CalWORKs
  • In need of financial help which is based upon review by the financial aid office of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Income Standards People per Household (Numbers may change on an annual basis)

  • $16,335 – 1
  • $22,065 – 2
  • $27,795 – 3
  • $33,525 – 4
  • $39,255 – 5
  • $44,985 – 6
  • $50,715 – 7
  • $56,445 – 8


 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

To get started with any other financial aid such as the BOG you need to complete the FAFSA and submit the required documents to the financial aid office. You can complete this form quickly by going to FAFSA website.

The system will ask you some questions and you should get a SAR or a Student Aid Report from FAFSA in about two to four weeks after you have submitted the FAFSA. This will depend upon whether you did this online or by regular paper. Your SAR will have all the information you put of your FAFSA which will be forwarded to colleges that you listed on the FAFSA and the grant agency for the state. The college will notify you for eligibility and then send you a letter for more information.

The BOGFW Application

You will want to download the PDF BOGFW application. You can also fill out the AB 540 Students Special Board of Governors Fee Waiver Application and then print the form. The financial aid office of your college can help you fill this out if you need help so ask if you need assistance.

You wan to submit the form to CCC Financial Aid Office of the college that you plan to attend. You want to ask the staff if you have to provide proof or give documents to show you are eligible as this can speed up the entire process for you. During the process you’ll probably be asked to provide proof of income so have a recent Tax Return (or your parents) ready. The college will review your application and then let you know if you qualify for the fee waiver.

Types of BOG Fee Waivers

Method A

You or your parents must be receiving SSI/SSP, General Assistance, or TANF/CalWORKS. You need to show verification that is valid from the last 60 days. If you are eligible for BOG A then you will have Health and Student Center fees, Enrollment fees waived, and you’ll have a reduced Parking Permit Fee.

Method B

You must meet income and household size standards which is established on a yearly basis by the State of California. You will have Enrollment Fees waived, a reduction in parking fees but this method doesn’t waive health fees.

Method C

You need to fill out the FAFSA or the California Dream Act application. This will determine your eligibility for a BOG. You’ll have the enrollment fee waived and a reduction in parking fees but no reduced health care fees.

Special Classifications

You can get a BOG if you’re a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, qualified veteran or a victim of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.


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