How to Find FAFSA Preparer Online?

How to Find FAFSA Preparer Online?
With the United States Department of Education allocating over $150 billion and receiving over 22 million FAFSA financial aid  applications, it is easy to see why many applicants are seeking to submit way ahead of the FAFSA deadlines and find ways to turn in a good application. Although the process of filing for FAFSA does not appear that complicated, there are those who choose to seek for FAFSA help either for expedited processing of FAFSA application or just Professional FAFSA Filling Assistance. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Professional FAFSA Filling Assistance:

What are the benefits of hiring a Professional FAFSA Filling Assistance?
You can think of a FAFSA preparer pretty much like a tax preparer. The FAFSA preparer helps with the following:

  • Expedited processing of FAFSA application (application can be finished as quickly as 20 minutes) so you never miss a deadline whether college FAFSA, state FAFSA or federal FAFSA
  • Reviewing of the important points and necessary information that needs to go into your FAFSA application
  • Gives personalized advice and consultation as to how to get the most out of your FAFSA application.
  • Provides better explanations and insights as to how the whole FAFSA system works and saves you the confusion

How to Find FAFSA Preparer Online?

Finding a FAFSA preparer online is as easy as going to any search engine for a basic search. The trickier part is really finding a preparer to trust with your personal information and FAFSA application. It is important to note that FAFSA and the United States Department of Education are not affiliated with any of the companies or websites that offer FAFSA filing services. Since many sites offer Expedited FAFSA Filing and Professional FAFSA Filling Assistance, here are some things to look for when you search for one:

  • Client Feedback

Check the reviews and comments of those who have availed of the company services. In some cases, word of mouth works too, ask those who have gotten their FAFSA approved to know which FAFSA preparer online they enlisted.

  • Years in Existence

Although it may not always be the case, companies who have been around for longer may have a better system and better trained staff.

  • Availability of Services

There are some companies that offer 24/7 service and there are those with a wider array of services compared to others.

  • Guarantee of Confidentiality and Privacy

Since the FAFSA application requires a Social Security Number (and then some more), it is best to look at the policies of a company regarding the handling of your information.

  • Cost

It does not have to cost too much to get help with FAFSA, but at the same time, be wary that something very cheap may be dubious and remember that you may need to turn over some personal information so beware.

Of course, if you are not enlisting Professional FAFSA Filling Assistance, the only other FAFSA Filing Options left are to file it yourself or ask a person you trust to do it for you.

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