How to Find FAFSA Preparer Online?

How to Find FAFSA Preparer Online? With the United States Department of Education allocating over $150 billion and receiving over 22 million FAFSA financial aid  applications, it is easy to see why many applicants are seeking to submit way ahead … Read More


FAFSA: Neither FASA nor FAFASA Not all students can afford a college education and that is why, they are searching for various financial aids that could help them continue their education. If you are searching for a financial aid, FASA … Read More

BOG Fee Waiver

One of the things that make the taxpayers proud of their government is the fact that they offer a lot of programs to help the other citizens in need, especially to things that matter like education and health. The BOG … Read More

California Financial Aid

Since the State of California wanted to help the citizens obtain a college degree, they have developed several financial aid programs. One way to have a federal financial aid grant is to apply for it through FAFSA (Free Application for … Read More

What is FSFSA?

Other than BOG Waiver, FSFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the other way to get your financial aid, you must provide tax information. The deadline for Priority Application is March 2. However, students can apply year-round. The amount … Read More

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